sexta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2004

olha! a minha máquina corre o mundo!

The Direct Marketing Association. archive/pdf/vol2issue4.pdf

"In his column in O Estado de São Paulo, journalist and writer Mário Prata transcribes a charming e-mail forwarded by a friend of his – Lúcia Carvalho. She reported the astonishment and wonder of her children on their discovery of an ancient device. The scene took place when Lucia and her children were sorting through the belongings of a recently deceased aunt. The children’s view of their discovery is a wonderful commentary on technology, and progress.
“Dear Mario,
Picture this. We were clearing out my aunt’s house this Carnival - furniture, linens dishes,
paintings, books… - when my children called me….
“We found something amazing! If nobody wants it, can we keep it? Can we?”
“It depends. What is it?”
They spoke together, cheerfully.
“It is a machine, Mom. It’s a kind of old machine. But it’s still working. It’s good.”
My daughter interrupted her little brother and gave me a better explanation.
“Let me tell her. It is a machine. A kind of computer keyboard. You know. But only the
keyboard, only the place you type on, you know.”
“I …see.”
“This machine also has a sort of printer, connected to this keyboard, but with a kind of
direct connection. Wireless. You press the keys…”
She was getting more and more excited, her eyes shining.
“... and the machine prints directly onto a sheet of paper that has been inserted right there!
It’s cool! Direct, on-line, I swear it!”
Well, I swear I didn’t know what to say in reaction to a 12-year old girl’s description of a
“… Do you get it, mom? ... zap, we write and print. We can also see the printout, sort of
on-line, and we don’t need to do all those boring things: sit at the computer, switch it on, wait for
a.a.ages, enter Word, type while looking at the screen, send it to the printer, buy lots of stuff like
expensive ink cartridges... None of that stuff, Mom! It’s really cool, and we don’t need to plug
it in! It works without electricity and writes directly onto the paper!
“Wow, sweetheart...”
“But there are two things: we can’t change the font or the size of the characters but that’s
not a problem. Come on. Let us show it to you. Come on.”
I stopped and stared flabbergasted at the old typewriter. They jumped for joy.
“Mom, do you think anyone in the family wants it? We hope no one wants it, so that we
can take it home with us. That would be great! Great!”
Well, as I sit at my own ‘keyboard’, I can hear the clack-clack sound of this old-fashioned
machine, which, of course, nobody else in the family wanted. But here at home, because of its
intense use, it is even more powerful. It has been given a place of honor in the living room and is
surrounded by pages and pages which they have ‘printed on-line’. “Amazing,” they say, clack-
clack-clack, “Cool”, clack-clack-clack. John and I are considering buying one for each child.
Think about it for a second. Isn’t it amazing, even nowadays, that it goes directly from the
keyboard to paper. And without being plugged in!
Gosh! It is really something. Love, Lucia.”

And, Efraim asks us, what does this story have to do with Direct Marketing? It is about a machine that, at least, prints out directly. And from our point of view it’s about the joy of each generation’s rediscovery of old discoveries. Ah, for simpler days. "

Viu só? Ô cronica que fez sucesso. Só minha filha que até hoje fica brava quando lê, pois disse que eu inventei tudo. Será?

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